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If you like a challenge and an adventure, the 24-hour hike through the Moselle region is a must! As the name already suggests this unique hiking experience takes you on a spectacular 24-hour walk through the unique wine-growing landscape around the beautiful Bernkastel-Kues and on the ‘majestic’ hiking trails in the county.

This sporting challenge takes place every year in holiday paradise Bernkastel-Kues and making it until the end is by no means certain. Within 24 hours you will hike more than 80 kilometers on the world-famous Moselsteig, as well as on the side jumps and various themed routes.

We will also accept this day long challenge to enjoy the most beautiful hiking destination in Germany – hopefully in good company with guests who share our enthusiasm.

And that is exactly what we are looking for! Friends of the 24-hour walk who want to accompany us by day and by night through the beautiful nature of the Moselle region. So who wants to hike with us, have fun and discover the wonderful Moselle landscapes? We are convinced that there is still plenty to discover for all of us.

We have planned a very special all-inclusive offer for the 24-hour walk in 2020 – keep an eye on the website and let us surprise you!

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