The oldest city in Germany attracts with sights you won’t find anywhere else north of the Alps. The Roman monuments, such as the amphitheater or the Roman thermal baths with the imperial baths and the Barbarathermen and the Porta Nigra (Roman gate), impress to this day. The cathedral of Trier, the electoral palace, the Konstantin basilica and other interesting buildings and monuments can also be admired. The many museums offer plenty to see. In the Rheinische Landesmuseum you can admire excavations from the Latènezeit and numerous artefacts from Roman times, which are unique in size, variety and quality. The Treasury of the Cathedral of Trier offers one of the most important collections of ecclesiastical art treasures, and at the Karl-Marx-Haus, the birthplace of Karl Marx, you can find out everything about this famous thinker.

Trier is also a very attractive shopping city with a large pedestrian zone with varied shops and cafés. A walk along the Moselle leads to beautiful wine bars and a special highlight is a walk along the wine culture route of Trier.

From our Moselle hotel you can make a nice day trip to Trier. The drive along the Moselle is highly recommended to discover the splendor of the Moselle. Alternatively there are boat trips from Bernkastel to Trier. You can find information brochures at the hotel.

Corona Update

Dear guests,

The government imposed a ban on overnight stays for tourist purposes until 19 April 2020.

All bookings that fall within this period can at any time be cancelled or postponed free of charge.

Same regulations apply to our foreign guests that might not be able to visit us due to border closures during this period.

Even if the authorities extend the official closure, these regulations will continue to apply.

We would be pleased if you would take the following quotation to heart:

“Postponed is not cancelled”, so you will not only secure our jobs but also those of our partners and the local region.

For bookings received via our homepage until 30 May 2020, we grant you a 10% discount when placing a 50% deposit.

We ask for your understanding and hope to see you again very soon.


Warmest regards

Katja and Stefan Krebs along with Barbara and Alexandru

Moselhotel Sonnenuhr