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Sleeping in Bernkastel- Kues

Places of interest in Bernkastel Kues include the medieval market square with its gabled façades and half-timbered houses from the 17th century, most notably the narrow Spitzhäuschen, which dates from 1416. Around the St. Michael fountain from 1606 you will find a number of well-preserved buildings and the Renaissance town hall from 1608. On the Moselle lies the Catholic parish church of St. Michael and St. Sebastian, whose imposing bell tower originally served as a defense tower. Above the Bernkastel district lie the ruins of Landshut, a former summer residence of the archbishops of Trier, which was destroyed by fire in 1692. Nowadays it is a popular viewpoint over the Moselle valley. Also worth seeing is the only remaining city gate Graacher Tor.

The city also has a number of squares, such as the medieval market square, the square at Bärenbrunnen, and the Carlsbad Square, which was opened in July 2005 (named after the sister city). The St. Nicholas Hospital (Cusanusstift), the late Gothic monastery of Nicholas of Kues, is another well-known attraction. The institution’s library has an excellent scientific reputation. Another landmark which can also be found in Kues is the unique Protestant church. It was completed in 1881 and was built in the style of historicism.

Near the Wehlen district is the former Machern monastery, which today houses, among other things, a winery, a brewery and a restaurant. In the Andel district is the Andel Evangelical church with its bells from the 15th century.

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